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Conceding Errors

Red-handed !

Managing correctly our own errors is probably one the hardest thing to learn, but definitely valuable.

Usually, when an issue raises, I tend to first question my own responsibility. And I have no problem to say it explicitely when I made a mistake. But doing so, sometimes I really feel like an idiot, observing other people behaviour, which is rarely to concede publicly their errors.

Why should you concede your errors ?

  1. The first thing to consider, especially in business context, is your time. You’ve made an error ? Too bad. Concede it. Fix it. Focus on your objective and get results ! Don’t waste your time trying to reject the fault on someone else, or finding any credible reason, or entering politics…
  2. Additionnaly, easily conceding errors is often a sign of being demanding with ourself. It allows you to be demanding with your peers. Your work and results will improve naturally.
  3. You probably think that being the only one to concede your errors, you will be unfairly more sanctionned than others whose mistakes are not noticed. Let me tell you: if your boss can’t see others’ mistakes or deny them just because the responsible has not conceded them, you should quit your job and find a more suitable environment !
  4. Eventually, if you have a bit of self-consciousness, you’ll sleep better at night 🙂

As obvious as it sounds, it’s worth reminding it sometimes.


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  1. Thank you for this reminder! I indeed practice this, and through the months it makes my presence in my company valuable. And I don’t really care how the others react to their own mistakes or mine.

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